Trend Predictions for 2024

As soon as a new year comes around, major design companies start predicting home trends they expect to see in the coming months. We’ve scoured the internet to find out what styles are sure to make their way into our homes, wardrobes, and onto our social media feeds this year. Some of these trends might not be for you, but we’ve compiled our favourites into this article with a Pathos Studio twist!

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Pantone specialises in colour-matching around the world and has become a leader in the business of colour and design since the 1950s when it all began.

Its ‘Colour of the Year’ program has been going since 1999 with the aim to inspire the global design community. Each year, the colour is chosen by experts at the Pantone Color Institute by trawling through entertainment, art collections, fashion and other areas of creativity to decide on any emerging themes that can influence the colour chosen for that year.

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For 2024, ‘Peach Fuzz’ has been chosen as the shade that’ll enrich “mind, body, and soul” for the coming year. The gentle hue has been selected as a reminder that in times of turmoil, it is critical to find time for rest and connection to take care of ourselves. Colour psychology claims that peach shades have an uplifting effect on your mood and can make you feel more optimistic.

Pinterest predicts: Cafécore 

Pinterest is a social media platform where people create boards to save their ideas and plan for future projects. Every year, it predicts what will be on trend in the near future using the billions of searches happening from its users.

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In 2024, it forecasts the rise of ‘cafécore’ which is a term used to describe the aesthetic of bringing the styles of the coffee bar conveniently to your own home. Using décor items such as coffee stations, chalkboards and vintage advertisement posters, you can create the feel of your favourite coffee shop in your personal space.

Good Housekeeping predicts: Saturated Colours

Good Housekeeping sees the move away from neutral colours in interior design this year and instead foresees the use of bright colours and bolder hues, as suggested in our New Year, New You article with the ‘Dopamine Décor’ trend.

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GH theorises that people want drama and depth with their home décor after embracing calming, neutrals for previous trends. There are so many ways to inject colour into your home, from daring wallpaper to statement wall art, it’s all about being bold.

Houzz predicts: Blue is the colour of 2024

Forbes has shared interior design predictions from home renovation and design company Houzz. This includes the tidbit that many paint companies are choosing blue as their colour of the year in 2024, due to its timeless appeal and versatility. The colour is often associated with safety, tranquillity, and calmness in colour psychology which makes it a popular choice for decorating the home, as there is a shade to suit every space. 

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It is also quite easy to pair up some of the trends mentioned in this blog post, and blue is no exception. With so many different shades to choose from, a bright shade can add to your dopamine décor or you can incorporate blue prints to add cafécore inspired artwork.

Final Thoughts 

Whatever trends you’re deciding to follow this year, we’ve got different styles and colours of framed wall prints to suit your style and budget. Choosing to upgrade your home with some fresh wall art is a quick and easy way to add a splash of 2024 to your space!

Need more inspiration? Drop us an email and we’ll try to help you where we can!

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