Small beginnings

Our journey began during the pandemic, when Darius (Creative Director of Ethos and Pathos Studio), decided to spend his idle time designing art prints inspired by some of his favourite films and music. After an unexpected level of interest grew from buyers based all over the world, Darius was keen to grow the business that reflected his own personal values, ethics and way of life. Thus Ethos Studio was born, cemented in a desire to remain as sustainable as possible throughout the entire process of production.

As the business grew, a sister company was created called Pathos Studio. Pathos (which in Greek, is a word used to describe emotions invoked by experiences), was started with the intention of offering a wide selection of classic, rare and treasured art, digitally enhanced in high resolution for large format printing.

The studio today

Pathos Studio now features an array of works from renowned artists including Van Gogh, Monet and Matisse, textile designers such as William Morris and Matthew Digby Wyatt, and most personal to Darius, traditional and contemporary Persian art.

New products including bespoke frames and printed apparel were introduced, and within the space of a year the studio had successfully grown from a bedroom office to a bigger premises, which now employs a small and close-knit team (including Mika, The German Shepherd).

By supporting our small and independent business, you’re helping to champion the values we believe in, in the hope that a sustainable ethos becomes our everyday ethos.


We're incredibly pleased to announce that as of late 2023, we've teamed up with Ecologi, a UK based enviromental organisation, to help tackle climate change. For each and every product purchased from our shop, we plant a tree!

We plant trees with Ecologi

Meet the team

  • Darius

    Owner & Creative Director

  • Rebecca

    Studio Assistant

  • Mika

    Good Girl

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